Wai Kahe 9’2” Carbon


Length: 9’ 2”
Width: 29”
Thickness: 4”
Volume: 124L
Fin set-up: 4 + 1



Product Description

(Why-Ka-hay), Another favorite among smaller riders, the Wai Kahe meets a wide
range of needs. It’s easy to handle on your own, great for getting a
little exercise and or just watching the scenery going by. If you’re
venturing out into the surf you’ll need this board to be stable, quick
and maneuverable. Its very lightweight and progressive design
makes the Wai Kahe a winner for both novice and experienced alike.

DESIGN: Single to double concave through the middle for stability and lift,
ample tail rocker, a tight rail line and foil to help in the surf and the
perfect outline for stability.