Wahine 10’6” PVC


Length: 10’ 6” (320 cm)
Width: 30” (76 cm)
Thickness: 4 1/3” (10.8 cm)
Volume: 155L
Fin set-up: 2 + 1


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Product Description

(Wa-he-nay) This board is, without a doubt one of our most popular models. It’s a difficult task to design a
board that not only paddles well in a variety of conditions but also surfs when put to the task. If
you’re thinking that you want to get some exercise paddling in the flats and go after that occasional
wave, check out the Wahine. This board’s 30” wide surf styled outline gives the paddler the
stability needed to build confidence and the maneuverability that puts a smile on the face of even
the most seasoned rider.

DESIGN: Single to double concave through the middle for stability and lift, ample
tail rocker, a tight rail line and foil to help in the surf  or the chop on the lake, a little more relaxed
rocker and the perfect outline for stability, glide and maneuverability.

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Yellow, Pink, White