Pokole 8’10” Carbon – 113L


Length: 8’ 10” (269.2 cm)
Width: 29” (73.9 cm)
Thickness: 3 7/8” (9.7 cm)
Volume: 113L
Fin set-up: 2 + 1, quad, twin with trailer


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Product Description

(Po-ko-lay)  The Pokole is the smallest in the surf styled Wahine, Wai Kahe, Welo
class. All of these boards were designed as step-downs from the
Wahine. They all share the same positives only each aiming at a
somewhat lighter rider and/or a rider with improved skills. In the
end, the reduced dimensions allow the board to fit the needs of
lighter individuals while still providing those characteristics that
have made this line of boards so popular.

DESIGN: Single to double concave through the middle for stability and lift,
ample tail rocker, a tight rail line and foil to help in the surf and the
perfect outline for stability.