Paha 9’1” PVC


Length: 9’ 1”
Width: 28 1/2”
Thickness: 3 7/8”
Volume: 110L
Fin set-up: 4 + 1


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Product Description

(Pa-ha), Looking to surf? Then you have to try the Paha! This board wants to
ride like a performance short board; drives hard, converts from rail
to rail quickly and will really surprise you o the top. If you want to
expand your stand-up surfing horizons, this is the board.

DESIGN: Concave directly under the nose for stability and lift during take o
transitioning to a rolled panel “v” through the mid section. ve n
boxes, ample rocker, a tight rail line and the perfect template to
excel in the surf.

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Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Circles, Flower, Grey