About Us

Neverboard, Inc. is dedicated to bringing the best quality sporting goods to our customers. We do this by seeking out unique, high-quality merchandise and proactively marketing those products to both retailer dealers and consumers.


Matt and Patti Breiner’s decision to start Neverboard in 2012 was the result of a journey that began several years ago when visiting with friends on the north shore of Oahu. Every morning, their friend James was on his Tropical Blends “Welo” stand up paddle board surfing the break at Gas Chambers. At that time, stand up was almost unknown outside of Hawaii, so seeing James ripping on the stand up was a real novelty.

His wife Dena invited Patti to Haliewa to give stand up paddle boarding a try starting near Puena Point. They would paddle across the bay and up river under the bridge to sightsee. Patti fell in love with the versatility of stand up. There were turtles, schools of tilapia, and the nicest people you could ever meet all stand up paddle boarding.

Several years went by, and every time Matt and Patti visited the islands, Matt would go out diving, and Dena and Patti would go stand up paddle boarding. Dena and James would ask “so when are you going to get one of your own?”


aboutNeverboard Inc. is run by Patti Felker-Breiner and Matt Breiner.

Patti has always been an entrepreneur and athlete. Patti has always been active in the sports industry. She successfully rode and showed horses earning top national honors in the U.S. and Canada. She was a licensed official with the United States Equestrian Federation for 34 years. She recently retired from the horse industry and began stand up paddle boarding because of the positive daily experience it provides. For most of her business life, Patti has been a licensed California real estate broker. Patti is a graduate of Redlands University. She is President of Neverboard.

Matt is the Vice President of Neverboard Inc. His business experience has been as an executive in the building industry for over 25 years, building and renovating new home communities and multi-family apartments throughout Southern California and across the nation. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.